What are the best running shoes of 2022?

What are the best running shoes of 2022?

The Hover Boost 88-Y are the trainers of your dream! Every requirement and need will be crossed off the list once you take a look at the shoes, from the immaculate design to its beautiful build and commendable choice of material from which it is made, everything is top-notch. A premium trainer as we would call it. Before we dive into the details and tell you about the shoe we highly recommend you to have a look at it because the first impression is the last impression and we’re not even worried because, after your first look at it, you will want to know more about the Hover Boost 88-Y. Click here and have a look at it!

Cherry on top? It’s on sale, an amazing discount of 61% and the trainer is for $89.95 for now only, you will regret not making this purchase.

As trendy as it gets, you can’t miss out on this trainer, all the trainer freaks and lovers out there acknowledge the greatness of this one and this trainer is guaranteed to get you the nod. This trainer is all about comfort, lightness and an excellent fit which will get you through the most tiring days feeling as if you did no walking at all. A perfect choice if you need to put together an outfit together, all eyes will be on your Hover Boost 88-Y, make a statement with the lime green trainer if you’re feeling like it, otherwise you always have the option to get the trusty old carbon black or even the ghost white, this trainer looks good in any color and will definitely complete your look.

Need more convincing? Fret not, we are here to help you in making the decision, the list of the features of the Hover Boost 88-Y is a long one but we have decided upon some winning features which are coupled together in this trainer at an excellent price.

The Lightweight built of this shoe is like no other! You will only know you have your trainers on when you look at your feet. The Hover Boost 88-Y will be there but it won’t be too, sounds confusing but the impeccable built and combination of the material used ensures extreme comfort and is for sure going to leave you thanking yourself for making the purchase, a total steal at the price it is retailing for, have a look!


The comfort and high performance are the showstopper for this trainer, and what is even better is the look of the trainer is even better. While on the market there are many attractive trainers which serve you with all the perfect looks, they are too often a bad purchase, the comfort and performance is truly disappointing. The Hover Boost 88-Y has all the right things which a perfect shoe has.

The mesh on the trainer allows ventilation and your feet will stay fresh and odor free all the time. The upper material is also known as an Air Mesh.

The breathable signature design is due to the mesh, on top of the shoe and all around, have a look at it in the pictures above which very aptly show you the mesh and the excellent fit of the trainers.

 The Hover Boost 88-Y wraps up the foot in such a manner that the support the trainer provides is also due to the amazing fit of the shoe. The design and the shape of the shoe further compliment the support factor, the shoe fits flawlessly as if it were hugging your feet. The ultralight comfort and ease on the feet is due to the combination of the mesh material, about which we have talked earlier on and also due to the shape of the shoe.


The sole is the base of the trainer, the support, comfort or the fit, nothing can be as good if the sole of the trainer is not as good as the rest too. The insole is made up of the EVA, which is also known as the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, it is a dense foam polymer with unmatchable durability and shock absorbent quality.

The EVA soles are known for the amazing comfort they add in the shoe and also the professionals keep it their top choice when designing a premium shoe. The EVA relieves aches and provides amazing bounce back, you won’t even know what foot ache is if you have an EVA sole, walking and standing for long time periods has never been easier. The comfort, stability, insole, mesh and the amazing price make the Hover Boost 88-Y a steal!

Have a look at the rubber sole and the design of the sole, grip and durability guaranteed! If you’re a fan of training, running or just using the trainers in your everyday routine the reason of your fall will not be the grip the shoe provides, it will be your saving grace without a doubt. The grooves and the rubber will make it impossible for you to lose your grip even on wet surfaces.


To tie everything up, the Hover Boost 88-Y is a lace up. The grip and support this trainer will offer will be like no other, what more are you questioning, go to our website and make the purchase before the discount ends!

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